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The idea of promoting a business can be stressful and delightful simultaneously provided you get the right means to do it. A successful business requires a strong promotional event or function, with each of these events/functions requiring hard work and dedication in order to succeed. Lanyards are therefore great in these scenarios, as they act […]


Are you a lover of various outdoor games? Do you want to participate in sporting events that are organised in your local area, school or company? Whether you participate in sports actively or just sit back and watch the fun, one thing that you will understand and agree, is the use of lanyards in the […]


Lots of businesses nowadays are trying to discover ways to find and sustain a good relationship with their clients. One of the best marketing tools for this is investing in custom printed lanyards. Lanyards are generally used to hold identification cards, so that staff members can clearly be identified by the cards around their necks. […]